My daughter hates her skin color

I recently had a parenting moment that baffled me. My house is run pretty transparent and my kids are sheltered from social media, race, politics etc. Peyton, my oldest daughter came to me and said “ mommy I wish my skin was peach”. This was mind boggling! Obviously she doesn’t know Black,White, Mexican etc. but the fact that she doesn’t love her own skin saddened me.

A few months ago I drew 3 little girls and a unicorn. These drawings were for a new T-shirt Collection to celebrate melanin. I gave all 4 images curly hair, left out the skin color and added pops of gold. I wanted these designs to portray royalty and melanin in the simplest way possible. We are always comparing ourselves. Light skinned, dark skinned, kinky, coils etc. these designs were my way of celebrating melanin and eliminating the comparison points that often separate us.

Peyton is obsessed with unicorns, so Ofcourse that’s the one I made for her. She will also have one of each design. Once I brought up the convo between Peyton and I, more mothers weighed in with the same issue. I’m so happy I was able to create something beautiful with a message that won’t cure….but help with the promotion of self love. I plan on creating more melanin designs that will cater to all melanin beauties.

These are the 4 designs available in my shop right now.







 Remember Melanin is found in any various of  black, dark brown, reddish-brown, or yellow pigments of animal or plant structures (such as skin or hair) SITED

No matter your skin shade or race melanin makes us all the same. ( Brown Girls, Yellow Girls, Black Girls) Love one another and celebrate your melanin as a whole!


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