This was inspired by one of my selfie Sunday post.  Instagram is almost like a fantasy land of perfect photos and perfect people. It started with 6 flaws about myself and now that 30 is around the corner…why not tell you guys 30 things about me!


  1. I wear western boots everyday
  2. My favorite color is yellow
  3. I’m afraid of spiders
  4. I am not afraid of death…just afraid of how I’ll die
  5. I used to be an atheist
  6. I hate the feminist movement
  7. I love love love country music
  8. I have a soft spot for trap music ‍lol
  9. I have anxiety
  10. I’ve had 2 surgeries (hernia repair and tubes tied)
  11. My favorite movie is Love Jones
  12. My favorite song is Tupac-Temptations
  13. My favorite type of food is Mexican
  14. I think about sex more than the average man (pretty sure)
  15. I daydream 90% of the day
  16. My favorite show is Sex & The City
  17. My spirit animal is a cat
  18. I’m an introvert
  19. I cross my legs when I pee
  20. I hate wearing clothes…yet I’m a fashion designer
  21. I’ve been cheated on in every relationship I’ve ever been in, but I’m still a hopeless romantic
  22. I Lock myself in my room for at least an hour when I get home to hide from the kids and noise
  23. I love falling asleep outside in my hammock
  24. I have an AA in Fashion Design
  25. I despise purple
  26. My favorite feature is my butt
  27. I want to be a foster mom once I buy my first home
  28. I hate night driving
  29. I have an unhealthy addiction to Mac N Cheese
  30. I make the BEST fudgy brownies

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