Better late than never eh? I figured I should introduce you guys to the blog as I have already introduced myself thoroughly in my 30 Facts About Me Post .

My blog is pretty much a diary. Nothing fancy…just a mash up of everything me and mine. Categories include:


I am a seamstress for an exhibit/marketing firm and I own a small fashion brand/service. I’m also a style partner, so there will be plenty of style posts to help you give your wardrobe some life.


Mom life! The ups, The downs and can’t leave out the crazy. I’m a mommy to 3 stair steppers 4 (The Bad Ass) 5 (The Genius) 6 ( The Dreamer) I’m also a fur mommy to a laid back orange kitty named Ra and an extrovert Dogo Argentino named Nefertiti aka Nefi.


I absolutely love cooking, trying new recipes and creating my own.


In the short time I’ve been on this earth I’ve been through the ringer. I hope to motivate as many of you as possible with my stories about life, business and my kinda working out lol. No matter what there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Feel free to comment and introduce yourself! Thanks for visiting.


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