The Perfect Date Night: Uncle Julios & The Artmore Hotel

My birthday was celebrated just the way I like it! Simple and sweet. I brought it in with Mr. Big yet again and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’m not big on gifts so this year I asked for a date night and a night at a nice hotel, so that’s what he gave me. We work really hard so quality time is usually getting home late and cuddle time.

I’m usually a home body, but this year Mr.Big said we should go out more, so we shall! I decided to start reviewing all of the places we go for date nights and all of the places I take the kiddos.

Welcome to the newest category Sam In The City, a play off of Sex And The City, my absolute favorite television series.

Disclaimer: this is not a paid review.

Grab some coffee or a glass of wine, this one is quite lengthy!

The Dress

I guess we should start with the dress right? I figured I should be grown and sexy for my 30th, so I chose this sultry shade of red. This little number was a show stopper, I called this look my Vamp Slay. It fit like a glove and the premium cotton felt like butter.  30 is a very important year and I intend to slay any and everything that gets in my way or attempts to stunt my growth. Lets just say this dress and color made me feel VERY powerful.

Burgundy Dress, Burgundy Shoes

The shoes were surprisingly comfortable. This is coming from a lady that wears cow boy boots 365 days a year! I keep the heels put away for date nights. This pair is from Charlotte Russe, platform with a 5-6inch heel. I’ve had them about two years and never wore them until now. I knew they’d be perfect with the dress.


Uncle Julio’s 

Image Is Owned By Uncle Julios

We had dinner and drinks at Uncle Julio’s downtown. Initially I wanted Jalapeno Charlie’s but sadly they’re out of business  …..SIGH. Once we settled on Uncle Julio’s he let me know we MUST have a drink called the swirl. It did not fail to please! This margarita was absolutely delicious and oh so pretty. Swirled with sangria and Grand Mariner. He was drunk after just one drink. We enjoyed one more each before we departed. I on the other hand was tipsy and ready for a glass of wine once we got to the hotel.

The Ambiance
I consider this restaurant semi casual. The lighting was low, the setup was nice. It was a rainy day earlier but as always I wanted to sit on the patio. If there’s a patio at a restaurant you best believe that’s where I’ll be sitting, rain or shine! I love fresh air and the city lights at night. There were huge trees growing through the patio area, it was a very nice look.

Image Is Owned By Uncle Julios

The food was amazing and well seasoned. I had Enchiladas and he had Pulled Pork Queso with flour tortillas. The waiter was very attentive, he checked on us often. ALSO, he looked like Kevin Bacon which was pretty cool.

There really are no bad things to point out. I adored this restaurant and can’t wait to go back again.

The Hotel

The Artmore 

Image Is Owned By The Artmore

I was responsible for choosing the hotel. About a month before my birthday I asked a few friends which hotel was best. The top picks were the Ellis and the Artmore. I eventually chose the Artmore because it was the closest to the restaurant, just Incase we wanted to walk around the city.

The Ambiance

When you arrive you enter a cute cul-de-sac of the very vintage hotel front. The valet lets you out, and you walk up a few stairs where you can enter the lobby left. You CANNOT miss the courtyard straight ahead, it’s a BEAUTY! The lobby was very mod and the lighting was low. This hotel is 92 years old by the way, an official historic landmark of our beautiful city. Once we checked in we headed down a hallway lined with head shots of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Dolly Parton, Elvis, David Bowie and tons more. Finally we got to our room, an Executive King room equipped with a wet bar.

Image Is Owned By The Artmore

The bathroom was huge and had a lighted makeup mirror. There was a wedding party going on but they kept it quiet. The over all look of the hotel was vintage/boutique, I absolutely loved it.


We didn’t care much for the valet. He was very vague and literally took our keys without giving us rates. Luckily in the morning the manager waived the valet fee as an apology, he was super sweet.


I really wish I had taken more photos! Time literally ran away from me. Since I plan on doing more reviews, I promise to take a lot more photos and video.

I’ve included 3 cute Burgundy looks below, if you’re looking for some sexy date night inspiration!


Vamp Slay: Burgundy

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