Where did Fall Go? New Church & Halloween Activities

I am convinced Mother Nature hates Georgia. We literally fell asleep in the Summer and woke up to Winter. I’ve used the heater in our home the last week, and in the car too! My favorite Fall fashion is Sweater Dresses paired with Lace Stockings……lets just say I’m rocking hoodies and leggings these days. Our kitty Ra has also fluffed up rather quickly.

Take Me To Church!

Church has not been a highlight in my household. I am very particular when it comes to spirituality as I am not religious. Church is kind of overwhelming to me, a house of worship, full of perfect people…..they know the Bible off top etc. My kind of church is laid back, non-denominational and a servant to the community. I often have many questions when it comes to religion. I like to steer clear of it, focus on being spiritual and bonding with God in my own way. This weekend I decided to venture to a new come as you are church in our city. The environment was amazing, the dress is casual AND they had a kids program so us parents can focus on the message.

They pride themselves on being multi-cultural, and being a force in the community. I look forward to growing with this church and serving my community with them. My favorite message from yesterdays service:

“We were not saved to sit, we were saved to serve”

Sunday Funday

Halloween is near! I’m late with costume buying but….better late than never. The kiddos had a budget of $20 a piece from their lovely auntie. They each got a costume, candy basket and a pumpkin to carve. This year we only grabbed one pumpkin, the clean up of a used jack-o-lantern is pretty gross!

I let each kiddo draw a facial feature. They created the perfect asymmetrical jack-o-lantern!

Skyler, my middle child always has the hardest time picking a costume. Last year he wanted to be a mushroom…….thank goodness I was able to sway him. This year he chose Ghost Busters, which will make his Grandma a proud lady.

What are your favorite Fall activities?



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