How To Plan Like A Pro: Productivity Printables & Free Calendar Template

Running a business can be troublesome when it comes to keeping order. I am currently running multiple businesses, so I guess you could say I have the business bug. None the less, I was having a hard time keeping myself and my businesses in order. Creating content, learning my market, scheduling social media post…….all of this for multiple accounts.

I had a come to Jesus moment with myself and jotted down exactly where I was falling short.

  • I had a ton of ideas but no plan
  • I had miscellaneous to-do list scattered everywhere
  • I was not planning my social media post
  • I had no idea what content I wanted to create for my brand or blog
  • I never researched my target market
  • I was not keeping up with stats or views

My first order of business was to buy a nice binder that I would call my Big Book Of Business. It would hold all of my paper work, files etc. Next I created 6 printables that I would use daily. These printables would help me plan, track and know where I stand when it comes to my businesses and blog.

Target Market

Knowing your target market is a big step to running a business or blog. You should research their likes, dislikes, way of living, interests etc. This will allow you to create the perfect content and products for your market. This sheet was designed for multiple targets. I run a lifestyle blog that focuses on Fashion, Family, Food & Inspiration. Each block can hold a topic. I also use this sheet for my brand The House Of Sam. Each block can hold a different target. For example: Dance, Pageant, Bridal etc.


Whether you are creating content or designing a new fashion collection, brainstorming is the first step. Or maybe you’re just in a rut and need to bounce some new ideas around. This sheet allows you to set a topic and list all the possibilities. For Example, you run a mommy blog….

Brainstorm Topic: Parenting

Option1: Sibling Rivalry Option2: Balancing Homework and Extra Curricular Activities Option3:  Age Appropriate Chores

Editorial Calendar

I love writing but sometimes I have trouble deciding what to write each day. Some days I draw a blank, other days I have way too many ideas. This calendar helps me plan my post ahead of time and hold myself accountable with a schedule. When creating content you should dedicate yourself to a schedule, once a week, twice a week, whatever you are able to stick to. This sheet has made blogging more enjoyable and the planning much less overwhelming for me.

Social Calendar

Social media is quite tricky. Your message has to be clear and your posting has to be consistent. This calendar is pretty simple. I pick a monthly theme, from there I plan weekly topics that fit that theme. I also have a side bar where I write in my followers or views at the end of each week. This allows me to see my growth or decline. I like to make sure I have a good balance of my own content and the content of others.

Action Plan

How many times have you had an awesome idea and left it at that? Maybe it seemed too complicated or unreachable. I have a lot of goals and Ideas. This sheet helps me focus on one goal at a time and allows me to list step by step how to achieve that goal. Each block allows you to list a different step that will guarantee you to reach that goal. A goal will never amount to anything with out action steps attached to it.

Business Diary

I love a good reflection of my day. This sheet allows me to reflect on what I did good and what I could have done better. I also have a spot to list goals for the next day. It’s all about accountability. What are you doing? What are you not doing?

It’s yours for free!


This zip file contains 4 printables

(Business Diary Sheet, Target Market Sheet, Action Plan Sheet, Brainstorm Sheet)

Buy Now $1.00

You can find the free Calendar template HERE I altered the blank template to match my printables!


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