The Real Life Fairy Tale Of Carrie & Big: My Obsession With Sex & The City Along With My Mr.Big

My obsession with Sex & The City started as a teenager. Obviously I shouldn’t have been watching it, buuutttt it’s so juicy. What I love most about the show is how down to earth and relatable it is.

For those who don’t watch. The show is about 4 best friends in New York City. They experience the same daily struggles we all encounter: dating, terrible sex, growing pains, starting families etc. My favorite character is Carrie and if you follow me on social media you’ll see me use #CarrieAndBig. Her story line is 100% relatable for me and I just love watching the two of them grow through all 7 seasons.

Carrie is a free spirited writer for a column in the newspaper. Big is a businessman. They are polar opposites. Carrie often feels like she’s not good enough for him because he’s so well off in life. This feeling doesn’t stop them from their on again off again dating throughout each season. They both parted ways, dated other people….yet they still gravitate back to each other. Big even got married to another woman at one point, and Carrie got engaged to another man. None the less, they ended up married to each other by the final season.

The Business Man & The Free Spirit

Mr.Big & I

My Carrie & Big story started in the Summer of 2017. So here goes Sam…..30days single and not looking for love AT ALL. He was tall, dark and handsome! I was small, green and thought I was out of his league. Honestly I never intended on speaking to him. He seemed much older and professional. I was young and artsy. I thought about sparking up a convo with him for DAYS……finally it happened. I pounced, and I sure am happy I did. I conquered my fear of trying something new with someone totally opposite of me.

We spent many nights together, starry eyed,laughing over good food and our new beloved Sangria. We also enjoyed way too many brownie sundaes in bed. There were plenty of intellectual conversations about business, politics and the crazy world we live in. A break here and there…….we are still starry eyed, growing and figuring out life. I’m still a free spirit, he’s still a hard headed business man BUT my free spirit is rubbing off on him currently and it is definitely showing. I’ve taught him that it’s ok to dream and enjoy the little moments. After all it the little things that mean the most. He’s also taught me a thing or two with that robotic mind of his. 

Right now I’m living life simply, effortlessly, unapologetically me! If there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to do (travel, dating, business) etc JUST DO IT. You’ll hate the regret of knowing that you never even tried. Remember falling doesn’t mean you failed, it means you tried. Who knows……maybe you won’t fall anyway.




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