Mom Of Multiples Starter Pack: Yoni Egg & Wrist Brace

Last week was my annual check up. I had an appointment with my OBGYN as usual and Ortho Doctor was new for me. This year has been ROUGH. Let’s just say 30 has not been so good to me health wise, but I’m still kicking it. Many times we ignore common issues with our body. As a mom, I’m so busy running the household…….my health comes in last place. So here’s Sam running around with pigtails and pretty pink lips at 30, looking like she bathes in the fountain of youth DAILY…..but the resting bitch face is the tell tell sign of the times. 30 is no joke and I’m feeling it.


I’ve been seeing the same gyno for 3-4 years now. Of course I’m a stickler for annual STD and HIV/AIDS testing, even if I only have one partner. But this year I finally came to her for the ( pee when you sneeze/cough problem) Ya know that little thing that most of us moms dread but laugh about. Funny how we call this a little problem, actually it’s quite a big problem. She let me know that my bladder is slightly prolapsed.

Under normal conditions in women, the bladder is held in place by a “hammock” of supportive pelvic floor muscles and tissue. When these tissues are stretched and/or become weak, the bladder can drop and bulge through this layer and into the vagina. This results in bladder prolapse, also called cystocele. In severe cases, the prolapsed bladder can appear at the opening of the vagina. Sometimes it can even protrude (drop) through the vaginal opening. Bladder prolapse is common in women. The symptoms of bladder prolapse can be bothersome but it can be treated.
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My bladder could be felt through a vaginal exam, but could not be seen in the vaginal canal. This is a good thing! I was ordered pelvic floor therapy, kegels at home and a more specialized exam. Kegels are kinda funny, if you’re sexually active, you’re most likely performing kegels on your partner and he loves it. I have started kegels but it’s not easy to remember to do them. I decided to search for a kegel tool/toy. This is a Yoni Egg. I want this but with a handle, I’m terrified it’ll get lost!

Buy A Yoni Egg

Everything you need to know about your Pelvic Floor and Kegels HERE

Awesome video on how to use a Yoni Egg and what its for. HERE

Side note! I hate when my doctor ask what I’m using for birth control…… tubes have been tied since my

last baby. That’s more than enough birth control! They’ll be untied once I’m married. (MAYBE) I’ve always thought every womans greatest fear from birthing multiples would be a loose vagina. Glad I learned all about the real reasons Kegels are done. Did you know men can do them too?

Ortho Doctor

My second appointment of the day was for my aching wrist. I’ve had this issue since 2014 yet never had it checked out. This year has been the worst pain of my life. My wrist usually bother me once or twice a month. For the last 6 months they have been aching daily. My first thought was Carpal Tunnel. This would mean surgery and I really don’t want another surgery. My hernia surgery was 1 month of down time…..that was enough for me. Lucky for me, the x-rays came back clean. The doc says I have Tendonitis. Honestly, I think anything with “Itis” at the end of it is simply made up because they can’t figure out what’s really wrong. Nonetheless I’m happy for the moment. I was prescribed anti-inflammatory pills to use once a day. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be helping. I was also told to use a shorter arm brace. My current brace is long and the metal restricts my movement too much for work. The brace below, is what I was shown. I prefer a longer brace because it’s like a bear hug for my arm.

This one is sold out currently, but you get the idea.

Moral of this oh so long story…….don’t put your health on the back burner. If I didn’t see my doctor about my bladder, I probably would’ve woke up next year with it sitting right next to me. #SIGH Next up, I will be going to a hand/arm specialist.


Pelvic Floor Exercise Tools

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