My Routine: Quick & Easy Workouts Under 30 Minutes

I’m not interested in losing weight right now but would like to tighten and tone. I’ve always loved Yoga & Pilates. I follow TONS of Instagram accounts and envy what they are able to do with their bodies.

I chose Yoga & Pilates because it’s easy to start and extremely rewarding. While putting together my routine the focus was Strength and Toning. I also need quick workouts because I’m super busy! Balancing mom life, work & business is a daily struggle. No gym membership or tools are needed, right up my alley!

Fitness Goals

As stated earlier, I’d like to become stronger and tone my whole body. My arms and stomach are my most hated areas. I’d also like to increase my flexibility. My back is tight, my legs are quite flexible…..but there’s always room for improvement.





I have always hated my arms, they have no definition. Looking at side view pictures of myself is quite dreadful! Also when I shop for long sleeved clothing I always buy a medium or else my arms won’t fit. This is my video choice for arm day!

Toned Arms & Sexy Shoulders Video


Having children has obviously impacted my stomach. So far I’ve lost the big belly but my core muscles are weak. I’m also left with loose skin but not bad enough for plastic surgery. I must admit the video below will be brutal BUT just think about all the crop tops and low cut bikinis you’ll be able to wear.

1000 Abs Challenge Video


My butt is my favorite body part soooo I added this to my routine. The moves are pretty simple but will burn in all the right places.

Under Butt Isolation Video

Yoga For Flexibility

With any work out you should always warm up. Increasing my flexibility is a major goal, these warm ups will help me achieve that goal.

Yoga For Strength

I’ve decided to master back bends & hand stands for the beginning of my yoga journey. These 3 sessions were my top picks.

Now that you’ve seen the videos and yoga demos, it’s time to put them into a working routine. Mon-Sat are workout days and Sunday is a day of rest. Each day has it’s own focus. I’ve decided to include a bonus 3 days a week of jogging with Nefi (my Dog) I’ll blog about that and include the link here soon.

Work Out Schedule

Each day is very specific. You’ll want to focus on one thing at a time until you get comfy. Try Try & Try each move daily. Take deep breathes and each time try to hold the pose a little longer. Sucking in your core helps with balance FYI.









Rest up! Today is your day to be a lush, make Sunday dinner and binge watch your fav shows. Be ready to burn again on Monday!

As stated before you don’t need any any tools. But! If you fancy alittle shopping, here are some things you might find useful.


Yogi Fashions


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