This Months Theme & Valentines Day Inspiration

Welcome to the lovely month of February! I’m a sucker for love soooooo this is my favorite month besides my birthday month (September). If you noticed last month, I tested out blogging by a theme last month. I loved it and will continue to do so. Each month will have a magazine cover to highlight everything you need to look out for.

Love & Lust

This months theme is Love & Lust. In honor of this fiery month of all things love! The cover and topics are pretty spicy! But there will be some subtle things included as well. Love Language and the podcast suggestions are topping out as my fav things to share this month.

Valentines Day Inspiration

I’m 10 steps ahead this year for Valentines Day. I’ve booked a nice room (Mr.Bigs Fav Hotel) and ordered my Outfits+ Jewelry on Amazon. He will also get his typical brownies, just a new recipe.His job is to pick the restaurant. If I left Valentines Day planning….or any planning for that matter, up to him it would all be done the day of.

If you haven’t planned anything yet, you’ve still got a few days left! I made a Valentines Day Inspiration board on Pinterest just for you! I’ve got gift ideas for him/her on a budget, date outings and outfit ideas. Take a peek.

Pinterest Board

I hope you are feeling inspired and ready to plan your night!


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