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Let’s talk about Sex And other things!

Technically we aren’t talking about sex today…we’re talking about people who talk about sex, love, and relationships. Listening to these guys brings me back to the days I watched Talk Sex With Sue, Real Sex, Cat House and those prepaid porn channels OMGEEZUS, can’t believe I said that….I was way too young (15ish)

I’ve been wanting to dive into the podcast world. Since this months topic is Love & Lust I figured sex/relationship podcast would be awesome.

Sex Death & Money

I felt like I was watching an episode of True Life or an HBO documentary. It was informative, entertaining and well put together. I listened to quite a few episodes, they were all so captivating. The topics aren’t just about sex per say, but sex in society. The first episode I listened to was about Porn, the good,bad & ugly.

In the episode (Lets Talk About Porn) we’re introduced to a cam girl, a porn addict who almost lost his wife and various people who used porn to discover their desires/sexuality. I also listened to an episode about living with incurable STI’s. The stigmas, fears and everything you could NEVER imagine were covered.

The New Man

Now we can’t forget about guys! They need help too. I stumbled across this one accidently but I can definitely see myself referring it to my Mr.Big or my guy friends. This guy is pretty cool! He helps men address common issues they have trouble talking about.

He says “You can’t just listen to a new podcast or read a new book OR go to the GYM ONE TIME. Bold consistent action is what it takes to change your life.”

A lot of men  put life on hold as they build their perfect “future”. They don’t start relationships, and some let their current relationships fall by the waist side. He points out that it’s ok to live your life as you build your life and the world won’t fall apart just because you decide to take care of YOU. My favorite part is how he addresses unrealistic expectations that men often hold themselves to. My FAVORITE part was where he pointed out how men chase success to run from their fears. “Sometimes the monster you’re running from isn’t really a monster.”

If you want a great laugh or some tips on spicing up your sex life these podcast are IT. I also would like to point out that never in my life have I heard so many women talk about “butt stuff” relating to guys. But hey sex is supposed to be an experience…..(I won’t be partaking in that part of the experience!)

Girl Talk!


These ladies remind me of my girls. They start off with a drink you should try and then the fun begins! Girl talk gets REAL REAL especially when wine is flowing. They chat about products you should try and their own sexual experiences. They answer listener questions and share crazy sex stories they find. The story I listened to on my first episode was down right hilarious. A man writes in to tell them his wife wants him to take  dump on him during sex! The story quickly takes a turn for the worse.

Call Her Daddy

These ladies are BOLD. They’re all about women taking charge of their sex lives hence the title (Call Her Daddy). The stories are completely relatable, the tips and advice are on point. Some of the dating advice is completely comical…so follow at your own risk.They go into EXTREME detail when giving sex tips, so be prepared. I love how candid they are! A Lot of women want sex just as much as men and we know exactly what we want.

I listen to all of these podcast on Apple Podcast! Let me know if you like any of them. You can email them all for advice or to share your story.


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