Confessions Of A Lush: The Worst Sex I’ve Ever Had & The BEST sex I’ve Ever had with MYSELF

The title is long but yes, you read it correctly. This is my first 2 part Confessions Of A Lush. We are still in Love & Lust month so of course I had to talk about a few personal experiences. I hope you enjoyed the video that lead you to this second part. If you haven’t watched it, I have included it below.

Self Pleasure

I honestly thought orgasms were imaginary….kinda like Unicorns. They were always this magical unattainable thing for me. UNTIL I tried a vibrator. Self pleasure is a great way to explore your body, you have to learn what makes you “tick”. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t work. This is a great way to have better sex. You may not orgasm from penetration still….but there’s a greater chance that you will. Read More