Get The Look: Recreating My Valentines Day Outfit

I know I’m late BUT my Valentines Day outfit got a lot of attention so I’ve recreated it for you lovelies. My outfit was purchased last minute from Forever 21. I raided the store and got everything on clearance. I felt so bad for shopping because I ordered my initial outfit from Amazon. Let’s just say….that first outfit was a dud.

I woke up super early Feb 13 and headed to the mall (I dread the mall BTW) My first stop was Forever 21, I figured I could find something cute, affordable and QUICK. If you’re wondering why I dread the mall, it’s because it’s so huge. Looking through all the racks is overwhelming for me and simply not fun. I had my heart set on thigh high velvet boots and maybe a short dress. After much digging, my eyes gravitated to a gorgeous faux leather skirt.  It was love at first sight! Read More