Dear Penelope

Blake Shelton said it best:

What’s the greatest chapter in your book? Are there pages where it hurts to look?

Song-Mine Would Be You

My official decision to rename the Inspiration category to Dear Penelope is now in full effect. I try to be 100% transparent on my Instagram which transcends to my blog. Each Dear Penelope post will start off with a quote related to that particular topic. Just like this one! Think of this category as my personal diary….hence the name Dear Penelope.

The inspiration category is obviously meant to inspire my readers as I share my opinions,advice and stories about my life. I love to run my mouth, I enjoy a good debate and if you know me….I’m very opinionated. Never fear!….these posts won’t all be dreary. Although some of these thoughts may trigger me, I know deep down they will help someone. Read More