Dear Penelope

Blake Shelton said it best:

What’s the greatest chapter in your book? Are there pages where it hurts to look?

Song-Mine Would Be You

My official decision to rename the Inspiration category to Dear Penelope is now in full effect. I try to be 100% transparent on my Instagram which transcends to my blog. Each Dear Penelope post will start off with a quote related to that particular topic. Just like this one! Think of this category as my personal diary….hence the name Dear Penelope.

The inspiration category is obviously meant to inspire my readers as I share my opinions,advice and stories about my life. I love to run my mouth, I enjoy a good debate and if you know me….I’m very opinionated. Never fear!….these posts won’t all be dreary. Although some of these thoughts may trigger me, I know deep down they will help someone. Read More

Love Language: How To Love Better

Love is pretty tricky. Did you know that we all like to be loved differently? Movies and sitcoms usually show love as a “knight”  in shining armor, tall dark & handsome, fairy tail kinda deal. The truth is love is a different experience for everyone, the only consistent part is that we all have our own way we like to be loved… matter who we’re dating at the time.

I found a YouTube video on Love Language and also dug deeper to find there’s a whole book! The video I watched was narrated by the author. I enjoyed every minute of it and learned so much. Read More

Confessions Of A Lush: The Worst Sex I’ve Ever Had & The BEST sex I’ve Ever had with MYSELF

The title is long but yes, you read it correctly. This is my first 2 part Confessions Of A Lush. We are still in Love & Lust month so of course I had to talk about a few personal experiences. I hope you enjoyed the video that lead you to this second part. If you haven’t watched it, I have included it below.

Self Pleasure

I honestly thought orgasms were imaginary….kinda like Unicorns. They were always this magical unattainable thing for me. UNTIL I tried a vibrator. Self pleasure is a great way to explore your body, you have to learn what makes you “tick”. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t work. This is a great way to have better sex. You may not orgasm from penetration still….but there’s a greater chance that you will. Read More

Podcast You Should Check Out: Love, Sex, Relationships

Let’s talk about Sex And other things!

Technically we aren’t talking about sex today…we’re talking about people who talk about sex, love, and relationships. Listening to these guys brings me back to the days I watched Talk Sex With Sue, Real Sex, Cat House and those prepaid porn channels OMGEEZUS, can’t believe I said that….I was way too young (15ish)

I’ve been wanting to dive into the podcast world. Since this months topic is Love & Lust I figured sex/relationship podcast would be awesome. Read More

This Months Theme & Valentines Day Inspiration

Welcome to the lovely month of February! I’m a sucker for love soooooo this is my favorite month besides my birthday month (September). If you noticed last month, I tested out blogging by a theme last month. I loved it and will continue to do so. Each month will have a magazine cover to highlight everything you need to look out for.

Love & Lust

This months theme is Love & Lust. In honor of this fiery month of all things love! The cover and topics are pretty spicy! But there will be some subtle things included as well. Love Language and the podcast suggestions are topping out as my fav things to share this month. Read More

My Routine: Quick & Easy Workouts Under 30 Minutes

I’m not interested in losing weight right now but would like to tighten and tone. I’ve always loved Yoga & Pilates. I follow TONS of Instagram accounts and envy what they are able to do with their bodies.

I chose Yoga & Pilates because it’s easy to start and extremely rewarding. While putting together my routine the focus was Strength and Toning. I also need quick workouts because I’m super busy! Balancing mom life, work & business is a daily struggle. No gym membership or tools are needed, right up my alley! Read More

My Weight Loss Journey Part 2: Soup & Smoothie Diet

I’m now at the age where I have to watch my weight. When I’m feeling a little “fluffy” I pull out the soup and smoothies.1 week minimum, 2 weeks tops. It sounds boring but trust me it’s so exciting. Also don’t worry about your cravings and missing your favorite snacks. After a full day on this diet your cravings should vanish. I use this to get rid of bloat. If you do it longer, it may burn fat.

This month we are focusing on Forever Bodies instead of Summer Bodies! After having children its hard to get your body back. There’s always something we wont like about ourselves. At first I was too skinny, then I felt fat again….now I’m almost in love with my body all over again. Read More

Confessions Of A Lush Vlog#1

Happy New Years Eve! Today I’m spilling quite the embarrassing confession and reviewing Jose Cuervo Margaritas. They’re perfect for at home or any celebration.

My Weight Loss Journey: Part 1 Self Love & Beating Depression

First let me say I cried while writing this, and it’s long so grab some coffee, tea, wine & tissues. I have never shared this full story before soooo here goes.

My weight loss from 2014-2017 completely happened from no where so to speak. I could tell you that  I traveled to an enchanted forest, ate unicorn dust, danced with fairies etc. Honestly it all started with self love. Leaving a toxic situation and learning to live for myself and my babies. If you live in misery you will look like misery. Read More

Mom Of Multiples Starter Pack: Yoni Egg & Wrist Brace

Last week was my annual check up. I had an appointment with my OBGYN as usual and Ortho Doctor was new for me. This year has been ROUGH. Let’s just say 30 has not been so good to me health wise, but I’m still kicking it. Many times we ignore common issues with our body. As a mom, I’m so busy running the household…….my health comes in last place. So here’s Sam running around with pigtails and pretty pink lips at 30, looking like she bathes in the fountain of youth DAILY…..but the resting bitch face is the tell tell sign of the times. 30 is no joke and I’m feeling it. Read More