My Weight Loss Journey Part 2: Soup & Smoothie Diet

I’m now at the age where I have to watch my weight. When I’m feeling a little “fluffy” I pull out the soup and smoothies.1 week minimum, 2 weeks tops. It sounds boring but trust me it’s so exciting. Also don’t worry about your cravings and missing your favorite snacks. After a full day on this diet your cravings should vanish. I use this to get rid of bloat. If you do it longer, it may burn fat.

This month we are focusing on Forever Bodies instead of Summer Bodies! After having children its hard to get your body back. There’s always something we wont like about ourselves. At first I was too skinny, then I felt fat again….now I’m almost in love with my body all over again. Read More

My Weight Loss Journey: Part 1 Self Love & Beating Depression

First let me say I cried while writing this, and it’s long so grab some coffee, tea, wine & tissues. I have never shared this full story before soooo here goes.

My weight loss from 2014-2017 completely happened from no where so to speak. I could tell you that  I traveled to an enchanted forest, ate unicorn dust, danced with fairies etc. Honestly it all started with self love. Leaving a toxic situation and learning to live for myself and my babies. If you live in misery you will look like misery. Read More

Mom Of Multiples Starter Pack: Yoni Egg & Wrist Brace

Last week was my annual check up. I had an appointment with my OBGYN as usual and Ortho Doctor was new for me. This year has been ROUGH. Let’s just say 30 has not been so good to me health wise, but I’m still kicking it. Many times we ignore common issues with our body. As a mom, I’m so busy running the household…….my health comes in last place. So here’s Sam running around with pigtails and pretty pink lips at 30, looking like she bathes in the fountain of youth DAILY…..but the resting bitch face is the tell tell sign of the times. 30 is no joke and I’m feeling it. Read More