Cute Plus Size Swim Suits

Everyone knows I adore sewing. My specialty is childrens’ wear and soon it will extend to prom/formal. I get a lot of request for plus sized fashions. I appreciate all of the request, but plus isn’t my niche and I honestly don’t have enough experience with it to even do it justice. Today I thought I would honor my plus size fashionistas, by sharing some super cute & affordable swim wear just for them!

I get a lot of complaints on the way plus sized swim wear is made. Poor fit, No support, not enough options, only one pieces etc. I hope you like my top picks. Read More

Review: Zalalus Dress

So I’m super late  sharing this outfit, but it’s almost Valentine’s Day so I just had to! Online shopping can be tricky, luckily I do it a ton, so I’m here to share my fab finds with you! Clothing always looks amazing on the model but how will  it look on you? I’m happy to say this dress was a winner and looked EXACTLY as it did on the model. A major plus, this dress and necklace are budget friendly under $40, but you’ll look like a million bucks.

For my 30th birthday I was on the hunt  for something sultry yet sexy. I needed something that wasn’t my norm. I searched for about 2months before I found this dress. It was a total struggle BUT nothing worth while is easy!
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Fall Essentials: The Plaid Shirt

We all have a favorite plaid shirt…..I know I have quite a few. How do you rock yours?

Fall Essentials: Over The Knee Boots

Fall is my favorite season! The weather is perfect and the fashion is so diverse. This months fashion focus will be all about my favorite Fall Essentials. Today I’d like to focus on over the knee boots. BUT with a special focus on budget friendly. Chances are your boots from last year are trashed, so its time to reboot your collection. Why not spend less and gather more! These deals will not last long and sizes are limited so have at it.


Na Kd Shoes Tight Over Knee Boot • $21.58 Read More