Happy New Years Eve! Today I’m spilling quite the embarrassing confession and reviewing Jose Cuervo Margaritas. They’re perfect for at home or any celebration.

Lush Needs #1

First let me say I cried while writing this, and it’s long so grab some coffee, tea, wine & tissues. I have never shared this full story before soooo here goes.

My weight loss from 2014-2017 completely happened from no where so to speak. I could tell you that  I traveled to an enchanted forest, ate unicorn dust, danced with fairies etc. Honestly it all started with self love. Leaving a toxic situation and learning to live for myself and my babies. If you live in misery you will look like misery. Read More

Last week was my annual check up. I had an appointment with my OBGYN as usual and Ortho Doctor was new for me. This year has been ROUGH. Let’s just say 30 has not been so good to me health wise, but I’m still kicking it. Many times we ignore common issues with our body. As a mom, I’m so busy running the household…….my health comes in last place. So here’s Sam running around with pigtails and pretty pink lips at 30, looking like she bathes in the fountain of youth DAILY…..but the resting bitch face is the tell tell sign of the times. 30 is no joke and I’m feeling it. Read More

Pelvic Floor Exercise Tools

My obsession with Sex & The City started as a teenager. Obviously I shouldn’t have been watching it, buuutttt it’s so juicy. What I love most about the show is how down to earth and relatable it is.

For those who don’t watch. The show is about 4 best friends in New York City. They experience the same daily struggles we all encounter: dating, terrible sex, growing pains, starting families etc. My favorite character is Carrie and if you follow me on social media you’ll see me use #CarrieAndBig. Her story line is 100% relatable for me and I just love watching the two of them grow through all 7 seasons. Read More

Running a business can be troublesome when it comes to keeping order. I am currently running multiple businesses, so I guess you could say I have the business bug. None the less, I was having a hard time keeping myself and my businesses in order. Creating content, learning my market, scheduling social media post…….all of this for multiple accounts.

I had a come to Jesus moment with myself and jotted down exactly where I was falling short.

  • I had a ton of ideas but no plan
  • I had miscellaneous to-do list scattered everywhere
  • I was not planning my social media post
  • I had no idea what content I wanted to create for my brand or blog
  • I never researched my target market
  • I was not keeping up with stats or views

My first order of business was to buy a nice binder that I would call my Big Book Of Business. It would hold all of my paper work, files etc. Next I created 6 printables that I would use daily. These printables would help me plan, track and know where I stand when it comes to my businesses and blog. Read More

I am convinced Mother Nature hates Georgia. We literally fell asleep in the Summer and woke up to Winter. I’ve used the heater in our home the last week, and in the car too! My favorite Fall fashion is Sweater Dresses paired with Lace Stockings……lets just say I’m rocking hoodies and leggings these days. Our kitty Ra has also fluffed up rather quickly.

Take Me To Church!

Church has not been a highlight in my household. I am very particular when it comes to spirituality as I am not religious. Church is kind of overwhelming to me, a house of worship, full of perfect people…..they know the Bible off top etc. My kind of church is laid back, non-denominational and a servant to the community. I often have many questions when it comes to religion. I like to steer clear of it, focus on being spiritual and bonding with God in my own way. This weekend I decided to venture to a new come as you are church in our city. The environment was amazing, the dress is casual AND they had a kids program so us parents can focus on the message. Read More

My birthday was celebrated just the way I like it! Simple and sweet. I brought it in with Mr. Big yet again and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’m not big on gifts so this year I asked for a date night and a night at a nice hotel, so that’s what he gave me. We work really hard so quality time is usually getting home late and cuddle time.

I’m usually a home body, but this year Mr.Big said we should go out more, so we shall! I decided to start reviewing all of the places we go for date nights and all of the places I take the kiddos. Read More

Vamp Slay: Burgundy

So here we are……30…..this is it. I always thought I’d cry when I hit the big 30. I also thought I’d be married, own a home and have a successful business.


  • Single mother of 3
  • Renting
  • Still building my business
  • Definitely not married


I’m finding that 30 is just a number. When should my ducks all be in a row? When will I have that ah ha moment? When will life just make sense? Who TF KNOWS! I’m constantly growing and battling my demons. I’m not where I want to be, I’m probably further out than I would like to be, but I’m happy that I haven’t thrown in the towel. Read More

People often ask me how I remain so strong. Being a single mother, building a biz, working full time…… wearing multiple hats is complete madness. It isn’t easy but the trick is to NEVER let anyone see you sweat (Kids Included). I might be freaking out on the inside some days but I will always try 1000% to stay polished on the outside.

Anxiety is completely of the mind. If you can control your thoughts, you can control your mind. I’ve learned not to let things linger, especially stress or bad thoughts. How do I do this???? WORDS: Mantras, Quotes, Prayer.  This may not work for all, but it has most certainly helped me stay grounded and fight the urge to shut down in the middle of an anxiety battle.

What I do:

  • Repeat my favorite mantra to myself until the ill feeling passes
  • Give myself a moment to cry it out (Just a moment not all day!)
  • Keep it moving. An idle mind is dangerous.
  • Recognize the trigger, make a plan and EXECUTE it.


I’ve decided to create a page specifically to list my favorite quotes and sayings. Some I have written myself and others I have found by chance. Some are simply funny and others deep with meaning. Here are a few to get you started and you can check THE BOOK OF SAM page to see more as I add them. I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.


  • Sadness is temporary, Happiness is forever.-XoXo Sam



  • Stop chasing the bag and figure out how to make the bag chase you -XoXo Sam


  • Find your purpose….shut up….and DRIVE -XoXo Sam


  • Some people love YOU. Some people love what you DO.-XoXo Sam


  • You’re exactly where God wants you to be. Not where you think you should be. – XoXo Sam


  • Fear none. Trust one-XoXo Sam


My Instagram is also set up to give you a little daily inspiration. Check it out @HelloXOSam and follow if you fancy! My finial word of wisdom to anyone having an internal battle is to write it down. Once you acknowledge you have a problem, the next step is to work it out. Writing is a wonderful way to not only document, but release your thoughts. Put it on paper and forget about it! Read More

Positive Words Create Positive Vibes

We all have a favorite plaid shirt…..I know I have quite a few. How do you rock yours?

Fall Essentials: The Plaid Shirt