Better late than never eh? I figured I should introduce you guys to the blog as I have already introduced myself thoroughly in my 30 Facts About Me Post .

My blog is pretty much a diary. Nothing fancy…just a mash up of everything me and mine. Categories include:

I am a seamstress for an exhibit/marketing firm and I own a small fashion brand/service. I’m also a style partner, so there will be plenty of style posts to help you give your wardrobe some life.

Mom life! The ups, The downs and can’t leave out the crazy. I’m a mommy to 3 stair steppers 4 (The Bad Ass) 5 (The Genius) 6 ( The Dreamer) I’m also a fur mommy to a laid back orange kitty named Ra and an extrovert Dogo Argentino named Nefertiti aka Nefi. Read More

This was inspired by one of my selfie Sunday post.  Instagram is almost like a fantasy land of perfect photos and perfect people. It started with 6 flaws about myself and now that 30 is around the corner…why not tell you guys 30 things about me!

  • I wear western boots everyday
  • My favorite color is yellow
  • I’m afraid of spiders
  • I am not afraid of death…just afraid of how I’ll die
  • I used to be an atheist
  • I hate the feminist movement
  • I love love love country music
  • I have a soft spot for trap music ‍lol
  • I have anxiety
  • I’ve had 2 surgeries (hernia repair and tubes tied)
  • My favorite movie is Love Jones
  • My favorite song is Tupac-Temptations
  • My favorite type of food is Mexican
  • I think about sex more than the average man (pretty sure)
  • I daydream 90% of the day
  • My favorite show is Sex & The City
  • My spirit animal is a cat
  • I’m an introvert
  • I cross my legs when I pee
  • I hate wearing clothes…yet I’m a fashion designer
  • I’ve been cheated on in every relationship I’ve ever been in, but I’m still a hopeless romantic
  • I Lock myself in my room for at least an hour when I get home to hide from the kids and noise
  • I love falling asleep outside in my hammock
  • I have an AA in Fashion Design
  • I despise purple
  • My favorite feature is my butt
  • I want to be a foster mom once I buy my first home
  • I hate night driving
  • I have an unhealthy addiction to Mac N Cheese
  • I make the BEST fudgy brownies
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    Fall is my favorite season! The weather is perfect and the fashion is so diverse. This months fashion focus will be all about my favorite Fall Essentials. Today I’d like to focus on over the knee boots. BUT with a special focus on budget friendly. Chances are your boots from last year are trashed, so its time to reboot your collection. Why not spend less and gather more! These deals will not last long and sizes are limited so have at it.


    Na Kd Shoes Tight Over Knee Boot • $21.58 Read More

    Fall Essentials: Over The Knee Boots

    I recently had a parenting moment that baffled me. My house is run pretty transparent and my kids are sheltered from social media, race, politics etc. Peyton, my oldest daughter came to me and said “ mommy I wish my skin was peach”. This was mind boggling! Obviously she doesn’t know Black,White, Mexican etc. but the fact that she doesn’t love her own skin saddened me.

    A few months ago I drew 3 little girls and a unicorn. These drawings were for a new T-shirt Collection to celebrate melanin. I gave all 4 images curly hair, left out the skin color and added pops of gold. I wanted these designs to portray royalty and melanin in the simplest way possible. We are always comparing ourselves. Light skinned, dark skinned, kinky, coils etc. these designs were my way of celebrating melanin and eliminating the comparison points that often separate us. Read More